Friday, October 31, 2008

Khidmat Negara

31/10/2008 Friday

Congratulation to those going for Khidmat Negara ( Nasional Service) . Maybe some of you will enjoy it, and maybe some of you will hate. But just accept it, chose going to Khidmat Negara or JAIL. hehe Serious. Dun Play Play.

These are some of my friends going to Khidmat Negara
1. Tang Lik Xian
2. Marshini

Banyak2 LAgi But I no Wan Write la

SMKTS Student

Majlis Graduasi

25/10/2008 Saturday

Today our School is having Majlis Graduasi for the Form 5's. Many Sijil & Trophy were given out that day. Guess Wat!! even MCA Chairman also went- Ong Tee Keat. What a pride.

Congratulations to our Form 5 student year 2008. Wah all big girl big boy.... emm no it is Woman & Man.

Jamuan Kelas

31/10/2008 Friday

Today all sesi petang got Jamuan Kelas Yeah!!!! Hehe

1. Dominoes Pizza 13 boxes
2. Bihun
3. Soft Drinks
4. Cakes
5. Keropok
6. Junk Food
7. Agar-Agar


So Fun.
We have been eating and talking together

Tqx To Pn. Jamilah
Tq 4 planning the Jamuan 4 us 1 Dedikasi

SMKTS Student

Friday, October 24, 2008


24/10/2008 Friday

3-7/11 Final Exam of 2008

Work hard!! Kambateh

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PMR!! Here I CoMe!!!

13/10/2008 Monday

Today is the official starting day of the PMR exam 2008. PMR is from 13/10/2008-17/10/2008.

Wish all PMR students of SMKTS happy Exam!!

SMKTS student

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jamuan Pengawas

16/9/2008 Tuesday

Pls be inform that all pengawas of SMKTS will be invited to a lunch at a hotel.

Name of Hotel: Hotel DePalma (Ampang)
Date : 19/10/2008, Sunday
Time : 1.30-2.00 p.m. arrival
Fee : RM 40

If not going pls inform the MT of 2009.

SMKTS student & pengawas

Monday, September 15, 2008

Clean & Clear promoting

10/9/2008 Wednesday

C&C came to SMKTS to promote their stuff. They also taught us how to cuci muka and so...... (boring stuff, still small meh) Anyway, we also got some gifts from them (e.g: Note book, Pen, Ruler, Rubber and a plastic file)


SMKTS student

Bonjeur Belgium

Ciao Belgium

SMKTS has accepted a belgium student, I don know wat name he is, but I know he is a form 4 student:

Belgium profile:
Name: ?
Age: 16
Bangsa & Agama: Dun know

Anyway juz to inform the SMKTS

SMKTS student

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Puasa Month

1/9/2008 Monday

Today is the starting of puasa month (fasting month) for muslims. Today also no school bcoz ganti Merdeka day.

ANyway tomorrow school time for sesi petang will be at:-
12.50 p.m.-5.45p.m ( mon-thurs)
2.25 p.m-5.45 p.m ( Friday)

Happy Puasa month

SMKTS student


29/8/2008 Friday

SMKTS celebrated Merdeka day. Many students took part in the sketch/acting. (Ai ya dunno la) It was GoOd. Haha

Anyway epy 51 merdeka to all m'sian and m'sia

SMKTS student